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Jul 27, 2021

Today, I am discussing an element of project-based learning that is often overlooked - how to craft a compelling driving question.⁠

I break down the differences between essential and driving questions, I give examples of each, and a checklist or the standard of what is needed. When you are creating a driving question, I recommend a minimum of 5 iterations to encompass the criteria for that driving question.⁠

The criteria for a compelling driving question:⁠

- It’s engaging to students⁠
- Allows for open ended responses⁠
- Opens a range of responses⁠
- Rooted in a specific context-can’t be too broad⁠
- Clear language & phrasing for the students⁠
- Centers justice⁠
- Aligned to learning goals⁠

I hope you will learn some interesting things from this discussion. 

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